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New Moon in Gemini: A Breath of Fresh Air

June 13, 2018

 Right now you might be feeling like you just ran a marathon, but you still have to carry a heavy load of stuff uphill. Good news - the end is near!


We'll get to the top this Wednesday, New Moon of June 13. From there going downhill is easy. 

It doesn't mean we'll have less things on our to-do list. But it does mean that we won't be getting as emotionally exhausted from multi-tasking. 


New Moon is like a breath of fresh air. It's the time we have new doors open for us, and new opportunities arrive at our steps. It's a chance to start from a blank canvas, so make sure you close your eyes and picture vividly what you want this upcoming moon cycle (or 28 days).


This month the host of the New Moon is airy Gemini. No better sign to do it, when we are in desperate need for some clarity and simplicity. 


To get the most out of this astro event, try prioritizing brainstorming meetings over routine reports writing (or any other tasks requiring intense concentration - this won't be your strongest link right now). You will be more efficient paying attention to ideas that fly in and out (one of them could be a gem) and you'll get things done faster if you start from the tasks that are mentally stimulating. Feed your hunger for information. Outreach, PR and sponsorship efforts that you start now have a potential to come to fruition by the time the Moon in Gemini turns full. 


Also, make sure you don't skip any workouts this week. To keep your mind clear you'll have to put more effort into shaking yourself to wake up, and sports can definitely help you here. This week is also, thanks to Neptune going static, will cause more sleep deprivation and insomnia. So don't let your energy bottle up inside of you. Get it all out so you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.  

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