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Acknowledge the Past and Move On: the Red Couch Series Podcast Way

May 12, 2018

Last year an old and dear friend Jess Ly asked me share my story on her

Red Couch Series podcast. 


Being a Sun Cancer and Moon Pisces, as well as hosting Saturn in her 4th House of home and family, Jess has felt that she wasn't able or allowed to ask questions most of her life. But as her 11th House Jupiter started to push through, she felt empowered to go on a journey of self-discovery through asking her social circle the burning questions. That is how Red Couch Series was born. On the, literally, red couch of her studio apartment in Santa Barbara, through conversations with friends and family. 


During her first episode we talked about my life (=travel) timeline, a big move from Russia to the U.S. (and everything that came with it), blending both cultures inside one brain, and, ultimately, astrology.


My geographic location and life logistics have changed since the time we Google Hungout to record this episode, but one thing has stayed where it was - my passion for astrology. 


Same with Jess (in terms of changes). But now she's launching Season 2 of Red Couch Series, so be sure to check her out. She's creating a comfortable, casual space to discuss everyday life topics that may be relevant to you. These topics range from family & home life, dating & romance, careers, health topics, and everything in between.


Red Couch Series is a representation of acknowledging the past and wanting to move on.


 What are some of your favorite podcasts? Comment below and give us ideas!


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