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Welcome to Not Retrograde

January 2, 2018


Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully, Not Retrograde won't be just a pit stop for you but become as necessary as stopping for gas every now and then.


Not Retrograde is a blog about astrology for haters and skeptics. Or just those who don't have time and patience to read through astrology blogs and literature that are "too out there".

I hope that by reading Not Retrograde you realize that astrology is not Santa Clause. You don't need to fully believe in it. All you need to do is just simply enjoy the gifts.  
(Remember how you automatically started getting less goodies under the tree when you let your parents know you don't believe in magic anymore? Doesn't that make you nervous about life?)

Just because we don't know how the GPS is programmed, it doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the luxury of using it. So, just because the idea of astrology doesn't sound purely scientific, doesn't mean we have to completely rule it out of our lives.

Nobody ever questions whether we should believe in gravity, the existence of water and fire, even though it is also questionable. We just take them for granted and use when we need to.

My life motto is that there's no point to complicate things that don't have to be complicated. If something that you need is given - just take it.

We can exhaust our minds trying to figure out whether the egg was born before the chicken. But is it really necessary if the main point is still there? A chicken comes out of an egg, and the egg comes out of the chicken (even though I doubt Gemini, Libra and Aquirius would want to leave it at that. Thinking and talking is their air). 

Astrology gives us answers to those questions that have never been answered better, yet (or answered, period). Why are we the way we are? What makes us want what we want? And how should you handle that?


We don't get how astrology knows us, but we are able to get the main points and use them to our advantage. 

Sometimes we should just take, if given. Do that with me?

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January 24, 2018

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