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Astrology Brought

Down to Earth

Consultations, quick explanations and more.



Astrology has a bad rap. Between the on-the-surface horoscopes in dying glossy magazines and the too-out-there spiritual bloggers, it often seems like a joke. 


But what many don't understand is that astrology is not Santa Clause. It's not something you believe in. Nobody has figured out why it works yet, but let's benefit from what is already available, one step at a time. 


Astrology is simply a useful system. An organized system of symbols, which all together tell a story of our lives, our strengths and weaknesses. 


It helps you learn about yourself as a person, guiding you to self-acceptance and self-love.

Astrology allows you to take a look at your life from a second perspective, point out where you took a wrong turn and put you back on your route.

It helps you to keep calm when the situation seems to be out of our hands. 

Astrology is not crazy.

It doesn't require you to wear a cape with a star-print and a pointy hat, if you believe in it. 


Using astrology just means you're being efficient in life. It's smart. And being smart is cool.

Illustrated by Raymond Bret-Koch, Vogue, June 1929



I have never been so excited about anything else in life, as I'm excited about astrology. 


I have always been aware of it. I knew I was a Pisces before I learned how to read. My first book was a picture encyclopedia about the Universe. I also remember I postponed sending my college applications in while Mercury was retrograde.

So it just makes sense for me to learn it and come here, right?

In the learning process, I blew my own mind off. I stayed up so many nights reading, analyzing and somehow finding answers to a ridiculous amount of questions, which have been sitting in my mind for years.

In that process I also woke my roommate up a lot as I couldn't keep the excitement and ideas to myself. (That is another reason why I have this website and my practice - my loved ones need to sleep sometimes). 


Astrology led me to loving myself like a best friend. Astrology taught me how not to waste my energy. It pointed me in a direction that makes me feel fulfilled and passionate. And I hope I can somehow assist you in getting to that point too.

We owe being happy to this world. Happy people make good things happen.


That being said, I am not trying to convert anyone into following astrology religiously. In fact, I like to be ironic about it, making astrology simpler to digest.

But I am trying to live up to, what I believe is, our mission as human beings - feeling and sharing love. 



We will go over who you are and why you do things the way you do them.

We will find your strengths and weaknesses, and determine how you can balance them out.

The reading includes an overview of your character, emotional state, your view of the world, perspective on work and home life, relationships and life goals.

You may ask a specific question or focus on one particular area of life.

Personal Reading

It doesn't matter whether you're single or attached, it's always a good time to get to know your partnership potentials.


See what kind of joys   and problems you may run into in a relationship, or which traits you should include on your Tinder checklist.


This consult includes a reading of two natal charts and how they interact together.

Couple's Guidance

Got your reading but came up with further questions?


Let's chat again and see what you've missed.

A follow up reading is the same type of reading you've had before.

This consult does not include a reading of any additional natal or transit (current events) charts.

Follow Up Reading

Consultations are done online in a written form or via video chat.

In-person appointments are available in selected locations (contact for details)

You will need to provide your date, time and place of birth.


“It was even a little freaky how precisely the astrological chart described me. It helped me understand myself better and make peace with some of the things I considered flaws and used to resent.”

— Anastasia, Oulu

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